Who we are?

JOFEBAR. A Portuguese company established in 1986; the quality of the products sold and services rendered, with regard to its offer for solutions in metalwork, metallic and aluminium carpentry, facades and structures, led to its rapid growth and consequent acknowledgement in the market.

The privileged relationship with architecture, the significant partnerships with internationally renowned studios, and the simultaneous stake in technical investment in production, human capital and technical know-how, are the main driving forces and the determining factors in the consolidation of the renowned presence achieved in the competitive international market.

Jofebar Projects

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  • panoramah!

    The modern concept of the panoramic window – one of Le Corbusier’s proposed five points for a new architecture– seeks to maximise the spans and openings of rooms to light and landscape: the window is converted into a large “screen”. The panoramah!® glazing system is a culmination of this widely employed modern design concept, ensuring maximum transparency and excellent performance using the latest, most advanced technology.

  • Alusion™

    Aluminium foam that offers architects and designers an unrivalled visual effect, by means of the application of a unique and exclusive product, which endows any project with an aesthetic all its own.
    Modern and dramatic, it combines the aluminium’s metallic beauty with the natural perfection of bubbling water.
    ALUSION™ results from the joining of aluminium liquid with the injection of air densities projected in different percentages, depending on the type of trim desired.

  • Raia e Stringray

    The Raia and Stingray are the most recent shading systems in the market. Developed based on nautical engineering elements, they feature a highly superior performance, both at the level of efficacy, as well as at the level of efficiency, in comparison with the traditional systems. Innovative and extremely versatile, they have the unique characteristic of adjusting to the specificities of each project for which they are developed, that is, it is a tailor-made solution for the customer’s needs. We project our shade onto your architecture.